Proudly featuring Nordica and Vokl Ski Equipment Rentals Tahoe

REGULAR ADULT RENTAL – Volkl RTM 7.6 76 waist with rocker tip
The 7.6 is a wood core ski. Soft and forgiving. Designed for the beginning to intermediate skier.

SPORT – Volkl RTM 8.0 80 waist with rocker tip
The 8.0 is a sturdier wider version of the 7.6. Great for a strong intermediate skier.

DELUXE (High Performance)
This category consists of our previous years’ demo skis. Great for advanced intermediate to expert skiers. At $36 per day they are one of the best bargains in the shop. They are great for the skier who wants high performance without a high price.

Nordica NRGy 80 and 85 waist
Nordica Belle (female) 78 waist
Nordica Hells Belles (female) 90 waist
Nordica Drive (female) 78 waist
Nordica Steadfast 90waist

DEMO – For the skier who simply wants the very best.
Nordica Navigator (85 waist)
Nordica Astral (female 85 waist)
Nordica Santa Ana (female 93 waist)
Nordica Enforcer (93 and 100 waist)
Volkl RTM 84
Volkl Kendo (90 waist)
Volkl Kenja 90 waist (female)
Nordica GT80 (carving ski- 80 waist)

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